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X-capade Crochet Pattern Round up


The X-capade Collection features 15+ crochet patterns from hats to size-inclusive women’s garments. Each crochet pattern showcases the x-stitch, which some may refer to as crossed treble stitches. The difference between the x-stitch and a crossed treble stitch is the x-stitch is connected.

You are sure to find a few patterns that you’ll love to make!

Don’t forget to check out the x-stitch tutorial. Each pattern features one of two options, with and without a treble stitch. If you’re inspired by any of these crochet patterns, and there will be more to come, don’t forget to tag #creationsbycourtney, so you can be shouted out on social media.

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X-capade Crochet Collection

From garments to accessories, each pattern features the x-stitch.

Have to have 5 of these patterns?

I’m hoping by this point that you are fascinated and enamored by the x-stitch like I am! If you love just 5 of the 16 patterns (and counting), then you can purchase the Complete X-capade Collection.

Yep, I have combined all of the patterns into an “interactive” ebook. If you participated in the X-capade Cardigan Crochet Along, then you know that the pattern format was updated into an “interactive” ebook. “Interactive” means that there is a Table of Contents that tells you what page each pattern starts on, and you can jump to the page when accessing the patterns from the computer, phone or tablet. The table of contents is also helpful if you prefer to print a crochet pattern to follow.

“Courtney, you haven’t told me how much the Complete X-capade Collection is.”

With a total of over 100 pages combined, including picture tutorials, and valued at $67, if each pattern were purchased separately, this bundle is a savings of over 60%!

By the way, this amazing pattern collection can only be purchased from My Shop. You will find the individual patterns in my Ravelry and Etsy shops though…

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These patterns are not to be duplicated or resold, and not to be reproduced commercially. You may sell finished products on Etsy, at farmers markets, and craft fairs, but please credit Creations By Courtney as the pattern’s author.

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5 Responses

    1. Thank you so much, Caroline! It’s truly a privilege to be able to share my ideas with you and other crocheters.

  1. Hello, the email for this page says this is a X capade round up. However it doesn’t give any instructions on how to utilize the roundup for obtaining the code. Is this a different kind of roundup? What am I missing or not understanding?

    1. Hi Ruthie,

      What code are you referring to? A pattern roundup displays patterns of a specific theme, and this one shows all of the crochet patterns that use a version of the x-stitch. When you click on the button below each image, it will take you to the pattern page to learn more. Some are free and some are paid. Also, I created a pattern bundle of all of the patterns that can be purchased at a discounted price.

  2. Impressive collection. I like the shawl the most. Never learned how to make a poncho. Love the colors of the shawl.

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