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Tunisian Cinch Bag


The Tunisian Cinch Bag is sure to become your favorite make that gets used ALL OF THE TIME! It’s not only practical and unique but simple-ish. Simple-ish meaning that the Tunisian Cinch Bag is made from a circle, but created from a wedge shape.

The Tunisian Cinch Bag works up quickly with a large hook and chunky yarn in a group of wedges. You’re probably asking, “Wedges?” Yes, a wedge shape is created with short rows! And short rows are a technique in which you only work specific stitches for a few rows to create shaping, and then work across all stitches after the shaping is complete. It’s a fun technique that I’ve been learning about in small chunks, as short rows aren’t used in crochet as much as they are within knitting.

Anyways, by making short rows and adding stitches with each forward pass, the wedge begins to form. Put several wedges together and you get a “circle.” It’s more of a polygon shape, but that’s how crochet and circles works in general. ?

If you’re new to Tunisian Crochet, you can definitely make this at there is an accompany video! You will see the creation of the first wedge, the start of the second wedge, finishing the last wedge, seaming, edging and adding the strap.


For the Tunisian Cinch Bag, I purchased two skeins of Bernat Colorwhirl from a local discount store to practice the technique. I really liked working with this yarn, and was going to list it for the pattern, but I decided to visit my local Michaels to see what bulky yarn was in stock. I know we all love a great deal on yarn, but not everyone has access to the same stores to get the same yarn, and utilizing a yarn that has not been discontinued tends to make our crafting experience easier.

When I visited Michaels, I took advantage of the Buy One, Get One 50% off to get two bulky skeins. I chose to use Caron Tea Cakes, a super bulky #6. I’ve been a fan of the Caron Cakes since they started years ago, and I love how many different cakes have been offered. Caron Tea Cake is 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and comes in 14 colors. I chose Ocean, which has several shades of blue and teal that reminds me of looking out at the ocean when cruising.

The label recommends using an 8mm hook, and for this pattern, I chose to use a 9mm straight tunisian hook to create a tighter fabric. Caron Tea Cakes did create some fuzz while working, which is probably from the wool content, but it did not split much. I enjoyed the subtle color change within the shades of blue, and was excited when I finally reached the teal.

Since two cakes are required, there is plenty of yarn left over to create the strap with a chain, an i-cord or with a Lucet fork. A trip to Dollar Tree’s craft aisle, you may find nautical rope that will work well as a strap too.

*Update Jan 2023: Caron Tea Cakes has been discontinued, but below you will find a few alternative super bulky yarns.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to products that I use, and think you will enjoy using too. Should you decide to use any such link, I will earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting this small business.

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  • Caron Tea Cakes, super bulky #6 (80% acrylic, 20% wool, 204 yds/ 186 m, 8.5 oz/ 240 g): Ocean Night x 2 cakes or 224 yds
  • Bulky cotton, nautical rope or other cord, at least 5 yds in length
  • US M-13(9.00 mm) Tunisian hook with cord or hook to meet gauge 
  • Lucet fork, optional 
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Measuring Tape


7 tss = 3.75”, 6 rows in pattern = 4”


Diameter: 23”

Circumference: 72.26”


Ch: chain

FO: fasten off

M: stitch marker(s)

Prev: previous

Rem: remain(s) 

Rep: repeat

RetP: return pass

RS: right side

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

St(s): stitch(es)

Sk: skip

Tss: tunisian simple stitch

WS: wrong side

YO: yarn over


RetP: Ch 1, *YO, pull through 2 loops; rep from * to end




  • Pattern is written in US terms.
  • Read entire pattern before beginning.
  • The TUNISIAN CINCH BAG is made with short rows to create a wedge shape. There are 11 wedges to create a circle. 
  • The following wedge is worked into Row 13 of the prev wedge. 
  • Work the last tss of a wedge through the last st of the Foundation Row and skip the last vertical bar of the current wedge to create a tighter center. 
  • The first loop on the hook counts as the first stitch.

Purchase the ad-free PDF from your favorite pattern shop.


Wedge 1

Ch 27, leave a tail to tighten the center later

Foundation Row FwP: Insert hook in back bump of 2nd ch from hook, YO, pull up a loop, *insert hook in back bump of next ch, YO, pull up a loop; rep from * to end

Foundation Row RetP:  Ch 1, *YO, pull through 2 loops; rep from * to end – 27 tss

Row 1: Tss in next 2 sts; RetP– 3 tss

Row 2: Tss in next 2 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 5 tss

Row 3: Tss in next 4 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 7 tss

Row 4: Tss in next 6 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 9 tss

Row 5: Tss in next 8 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 11 tss

Row 6: Tss in next 10 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 13 tss

Row 7: Tss in next 12 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 15 tss

Row 8: Tss in next 14 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 17 tss

Row 9: Tss in next 16 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 19 tss

Row 10: Tss in next 18 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 21 tss

Row 11: Tss in next 20 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 23 tss

Row 12: Tss in next 22 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 25 tss

Row 13: Tss in next 24 sts, tss in next 2 sts of Foundation Row; RetP – 27 tss

Do short rows seem intimidating? Check out this video!

Wedges 2-11

Rep [Rows 1-13] 10 more times using Row 13 as the Foundation Row for the next wedge

Note: Work the last tss of a wedge through the last st of the Foundation Row and skip the last vertical bar of the current wedge to create a tighter center.

After completing Row 13 of Wedge 11, sl st bind off, FO with long tail to seam Wedge 1 to Wedge 11


Rnd 1: Attach yarn at seam, ch 1, sc in next 2 sts, ch 2, *sc in next 4 sts, ch 2; rep from* around until 2 sts rem, sc in last 2 sts, sl st to join, FO – 144 sts


Using the bulky cotton or 2 strands of worsted weight, you can use a lucet to make a cord that is twice around the circumference of the bag. If you do not have a lucet, create an i-cord with this tutorial. A length of cord or rope that is at least twice the circumference can be used.


  1. Tighten the center with the tail.
  2. Weave in all ends. 
  3. Starting at the seam, take one end of the Strap and insert from RS to WS in the first ch-2 to the left or right of the seam; *take the other end of the Strap and insert into the next ch-2 from RS to WS (4 sc will be sk), sk next ch-2 and then insert Strap into next ch-2 from WS to RS (8 sc will be sk); rep from * around until last ch-2, insert Strap from WS to RS in last ch-2. 
  4. To continue the Strap: insert Strap from RS to WS in first ch-2, *insert Strap from WS to RS in next unworked ch-2 (8 sc will be sk), insert Strap from RS to WS in next ch-2; rep from * around until 2 ch-2 rem, sk next ch-2, insert Strap from WS to RS in next ch-2, insert Strap from RS to WS in first ch-2, secure ends and trim.

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The Tunisian Cinch Bag is a free crochet pattern made with super bulky yarn and a 9mm tunisian crochet hook. This bag is made from a circle that can be cinched for carrying yarn, toys or anything when you're on the go.

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