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Spring Forth Crochet Shawl


The Spring Forth Crochet Shawl was inspired by what I imagine happens in spring as flora and fauna begin reaching out roots to spring forth from the ground (pun intended). ?

I love the freshness of spring with flower and leaf buds appearing, and the birds singing more in the morning. Spring time also makes me think of warmer weather and light breezes, which is perfect for wearing lacy crochet shawls.

The Spring Forth Shawl features the fractal lace crochet stitch, which came to me in a dream one night. I love how the stitches create various polygon shapes to looks structured and elegant.

I hope that you enjoy creating this rectangle crochet shawl that can be worn with dresses for an evening out, or easy to keep at your desk for an added layer of warmth when the air conditioning kicks on.


I do not lack in yarn like many crocheters, but I often do not have enough in one color when I want to use a new yarn. Luckily, I dived deep into the stash to find this gorgeous Feza Yarns Viva Glitz. I have enough hanks of this yarn that I purchased for $15 total (it was clearanced) a million moons ago.

This particular color way features red and purple with some sparkle, so it said to me that it needed to be a shawl. Each hank of yarn is 85% rayon and 15% metallic, so it has a lovely sparkle to it in the right lighting. With a generous amount of 262 yards / ~ 240 meters per hank, it goes pretty far with a crochet lace stitch.

Viva Glitz has since been discontinued ? but I list a few alternative yarns below that have metallic thread including, if you love sparkle too.

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Before blocking: 2 repeats x 4 rows = 4” x 4” [10 cm x 10 cm]


Before Blocking: 57” L x 17” W [148.8 cm x 43.2 cm]

After Blocking: 60” L x 21” W


Beg: beginning 

Btw: between

Ch: chain

Cnr: corner

CSTR: chainless starting treble crochet

Dtr: double treble crochet

dtr2tog: double treble 2 together

DTDtog: double treble, treble, double treble together

FO: fasten off

Fsc: foundation single crochet

Hdc: half double crochet

M: stitch marker(s) 

Prev: previous 

Rem: remain(s)(ing)

Rep: repeat

Sk: skip

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

Sc2tog: single crochet 2 together

St(s): stitch(es)

Sk: skip

Tr: treble crochet

WS: wrong side

YO: yarn over


CSTR: Pull up a loop, wrap around hook 2 times (counts as YO 2 times), insert hook in first st, YO, pull up a loop, [YO, pull through 2 loops] 3 times

dtr2tog: *YO 3 times, insert hook in indicated st, YO, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), [YO, pull through 2 loops] 3 times**, sk 7 ch, rep from * to **, YO, pull through 3 loops 

DTDtog: *YO 3 times, insert hook in indicated st, YO, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), [YO, pull through 2 loops] 3 times**, YO 2 times, sk 3 st, insert hook in next st, YO, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), [YO, pull through 2 loops] 2 times (3 loops on hook), sk 3 st; rep from * to **, YO, pull through 4 loops




  • Pattern is written in US terms.
  • Read entire pattern before beginning.
  • The shawl is created lengthwise.
  • The final row of the Edging is worked along 3 of 4 sides.
  • Adjustments in size can be made by increasing the width and/or the length. Yarn amounts do not account for adjustments.
  • If adjustments are made to the width, the total stitches must be a multiple of 8+5 .
  • If adjustments are made to the length, the total stitches of Row 5 of the Edging must be a multiple of 10+1 to complete Rows 6-8.
  • Refer to the tutorial HERE to assist with creating dtr2tog and DTDtog.

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Row 1: 61 fdc, turn

Row 2: CSTR in first st, tr in next st, ch 4, DTDtog beg in next st, *ch 7, DTDtog beg in same st as the 3rd leg of the prev DTDtog; rep from * until 10 sts remain, ch 7, DTDtog beg in same st as 3rd leg of prev DTDtog, ch 4, tr in last 2 sts, turn – 4 tr; 2 ch-4 groups; 6 ch-7 groups; 7 DTDtog; 61 total sts

Row 3: CSTR in first st, tr in next st, sk 4 ch, (dtr, ch 3, tr, ch 3) in next st; starting in last st used, dtr2tog (be sure to sk 7 ch btw the legs), *(ch 3, tr, ch 3) in same st as the 2nd leg of the prev dtr2tog; starting in the last st used, dtr2tog; rep from * until 6 sts rem, (ch 3, tr, ch 3, dtr) in the same st as the 2nd leg of the last dtr2tog made, sk 4 ch, tr in last 2 sts, turn – 4 tr; 7 groups; 61 total sts

An image of the yarn caked a purple ergonomic crochet hook, and the start of the crochet shawl. In the upper left corner, there are two faux  gray bark logs

Rows 4-59: Rep [Rows 2-3] 28 times, turn

Row 60: CSDC in first st, dc in each st – 61 dc


Rotate piece to work along the side.

Row 1: CSDC in side of last dc of Row 60, evenly dc along the side to cnr, turn – 178 dc

Rows 2-4: CSTR in first st, tr in each st, turn – 178 tr

Row 5: Ch 1, 2 sc in first st, sc in next 88 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in each st until 1 st rem, 2 sc in last st, turn – 181 sc

Row 6: Ch 1, sc in first st, sc in next 4 sts, (sc, ch 5, sc) in next st, *sc in next 9 sts, (sc, ch 5, sc) in next st; rep from * until 5 sts rem, sc in last 5 sts, turn – 18 ch-5 loops, 199 sc

Row 7: Ch 1, sc in first st, sc in next 2 sts, *sk next 3 sts, (hdc, 9 dc, hdc) in next ch-5 sp (scallop made), sk next 3 sts**, sc in next 5 sts; rep from * across stopping at ** on last rep, sc in last 3 sts, turn – 91 sc, 18 scallops 

Row 8: Ch 1, sc in first st, ch 3, sk next 5 sts, *(sc, ch 3, sc) in next st of scallop, [sk next st, (sc, ch 3, sc) in next st] 2 times, ch 3, sk next 5 sts, sc in next st, ch 3, sk next 5 sts; rep from * across 1 st rem, sc in last st. DO NOT TURN.

Row 9: Working along the side, evenly sc along Rows 1-8, sc in each st to cnr, turn cnr, CSDC, evenly dc across to next cnr, turn cnr, sc in each st, evenly sc along Rows 1-8, sl st to join to first st of Row 8, FO


  1. Weave in all ends. 
  2. Block to final measurements. Check out this tutorial

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