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Tree Ornament Holder


The Tree Ornament Holder is a fun, quick crochet project to add some cheer to any winter or holiday decor. Maybe you just love pine trees and have a ton of dangling earrings…

Why am I mentioning dangling earrings?

The Tree Ornament Holder includes rows of a special slip stitch that creates a sturdy line for hanging various sized ornaments or your collection of handmade earrings. I mean aren’t ornaments with hooks just large earrings?? LOL

You’ll enjoy the simple stitching in this crochet project. It’s easy enough to work on while binging your current fave show.

If you really want to make a dent in your yarn stash in time to be gifted more yarn, I would grab those scraps to make the slip stitch rows. Your Tree Ornament Holder will be even more festive. Besides, the joy of crafting is adding our own touch of creativity to all projects, so I hope to see a variety of colored tree sporting simple to extravagant to keepsake ornaments during the holiday season.


I chose WeCrochet Brava 500 in hunter to make the Tree Ornament Holder. To me, its the perfect shade of green, plus I had some left over from making the Draped in Diamonds Poncho.

If you have never used Brava 500 before, you’re going to love it! It’s a soft, worsted weight, 100% acrylic yarn that can be used for lots of things! I will admit that because of it’s softness, you might think that it’s not a great choice for a wall hanging, but there’s a few simple tricks listed below to help.

As an S-twisted yarn, it doesn’t split to much when crocheting. And I love how there have been very few knots within the yarn. I’m sure most fiber artists have gotten a lemon of a skein of yarn that had a ton of knots in it to create the entire thing. Well WeCrochet is the bomb dot com for the quality of yarn they provide.

The trick for making this yarn work for the Tree Ornament Holder is holding it double, and you could use a slightly smaller hook to tighten your stitches. If you have a loose gauge in general, definitely go down in hook size. Wood dowels are also used to anchor the piece.

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  • Color A: WeCrochet Brava 500 (100% premium acrylic, 1090 yds; 17.5 oz/ 500 g): Hunter x 225 yds
  • Color B: Red Heart Super Saver, (100% acrylic): Brown x 15 yds or 8 g
  • Optional Color C: Small amount of worsted weight yarn in color of choice, approx 6g
  • US Furls Crochet L (7.00 mm) hook or hook to meet gauge I love using Furls Crochet Hooks.
  • US J-10 (6.00) for garland
  • ¼ in. X 12 in. Wood dowels, 2
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • 1 stitch marker
  • Measuring tape


10 dc x 6 rows of dc = 3.5” x3.5” [9 cm x 9 cm]


24” L x 27” W, excluding hanging loop


BL: back loop

Ch: chain

Cnr: corner

CSDC: chainless starting double crochet

Dc: double crochet

FO: fasten off

M: stitch marker(s)

Prev: previous

Rem: remain(s) (ing)

Rep: repeat

RS: right side

Sc: single crochet

Sk: skip

Sl st: slip stitch

Sp: space(s)

St(s): stitch(es)

WS: wrong side

YO: yarn over

Yo-slst: yarn over slip stitch


CSDC: pull up a loop that is row height, holding loop in place and wrap yarn around hook (YO), insert hook in first st, YO, pull up a loop, [YO, pull through 2 loops] 2 times

Yo-slst: YO, insert hook in back loop of next st, YO, pull through st and 2 loops on hook





  • Pattern is written US terms.
  • Read the entire pattern before beginning.
  • The Tree Ornament Holder is made in parts: Body and Edging & Seam.
  • Each yarn is held double throughout the pattern to create a bulky weight.
  • A row of yo-slst will always be the WS so that it protrudes to the RS of the fabric.
  • Color A is carried when working with Color B.
  • The Garland is an optional decoration. It is not secured to the Tree to be removed as needed.

Grab the ad-free PDF that includes tutorial pictures and color-coding for each size from your favorite pattern shop.

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Ch 6, sl st to join to make a ring 

Row 1 (RS): CSDC in loop, 2 dc in loop, turn – 3 dc

Row 2 (WS): CSDC in first st, 2 dc in same st, dc in next st, 3 dc in last st, turn – 7 dc

Row 3: CSDC in first st, 2 dc in same st, dc in next 5 sts, 3 dc in last st – 11 dc

Row 4: Ch 1, working through the BL, yo-slst in each st, turn – 11 yo-slst 

Row 5 (RS): Working in rem loop 2 rows below, slst to first st, CSDC in first st, dc in same st, 2 dc in next st, dc in each st until 2 sts rem, 2 dc in last 2 sts, turn – 15 dc

Row 6: CSDC in first st, dc in same st, dc in each st until 1 st rem, 2 dc in last st, turn – 17 dc

Row 7: CSDC in first st, dc in each st, turn – 17 dc

Row 8: CSDC in first st, dc in same st, 2 dc in next st, dc in each st until 2 sts rem, 2 dc in last 2 sts, turn – 21 dc

Row 9: Rep Row 6 – 23 dc

Row 10: Rep Row 4 – 23 yo-slst

Row 11 (RS): Rep Row 5 – 27 dc

Row 12: Rep Row 6 – 29 dc

Row 13: Rep Row 7 – 29 dc

Row 14: Rep Row 8 – 33 dc

Row 15 (RS): Rep Row 6 – 35 dc

Row 16 (WS): Rep Row 4 – 35 yo-slst

Row 17: Rep Row 8 – 39 dc

Rows 18-22: Rep Rows 12-16 – 47 yo-slst

Row 23 (RS): Rep Row 5 – 51 dc

Row 24: Rep Row 6 – 53 dc

Row 25: Rep Row 7 – 53 dc

Row 26: Rep Row 8 – 57 dc

Row 27: Rep Row 7 – 57 dc

Row 28 (WS): Rep Row 4 – 57 yo-slst

Row 29: Working in rem loop 2 rows below, slst to first st, CSDC in first st, dc in same st, dc in next st, dc in each st until 1 st rem, 2 dc in last st, turn – 59 dc 

Row 30: Rep Row 7 – 59 dc

Row 31: Rep Row 8 – 63 dc

Row 32: Rep Row 7 – 63 dc

Row 33: Rep Row 6 – 65 dc

Row 34: Rep Row 4 – 65 yo-slst

Row 35: Working in rem loop 2 rows below, slst to first st, CSDC in first st, dc in next st, dc in each st until 1 st rem, 2 dc in last st, turn – 65 dc 

Row 36: Rep Row 8 – 69 dc

Row 37: Rep Row 7 – 69 dc

Row 38: Rep Row 6 – 71 dc


Rnd 1: Ch 1, sc in each st to cnr, ch 1, turn cnr, evenly sc to the ring, sc in first ch of ring, 2 sc in next 3 ch, sc in last ch, evenly sc to next cnr, ch 1. Do not turn.

Place M in 30th st from each end. This marks will the trunk will be made with Color B

Row 2: Holding one dowel, sc in each st and around the dowel until M; change to Color B, sc in next 11 sts; change to Color A, holding the second dowel, sc in rem 30 sts, turn – 71 sc

Row 3: Sc in first st, sc in next 29 sts; change to Color B, sc in next 11 sts; change to Color A, sc in rem sts, FO Color A


Row 1: Insert hook in first st and pull up a loop, ch 1, sc in each st, turn – 11 sc

Row 2: Sc in first st, sc in each st, turn

Rows 3-7: Rep Row 2, FO

Note: The Trunk can be lengthened or shortened. Any adjustments is not included in the yarn amount.


Using smaller hook and Color C, create a ch that measures at least 76″, FO

Starting at the top, use the smaller hook to pull one end through the Edging to the back; create a zig zag by pulling the ch through a st along the Edge to “drape” the garland. Pull the end to the back at the bottom corner.


Weave in all ends. 

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For 24 hours, you can get a free copy of the Tree Ornament Holder. Just click the “Download from Ravelry” button to enter the code that you found at Cosy Rosie UK.

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The Tree Ornament Holder is a quick, free crochet pattern perfect for stash busting and decorating for the holidays. Grab two strands of worsted weight or a bulky weight to make this crochet pattern in 3-5 days. #creationsbycourtney

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  1. The Tree Ornament Holder is adorable….reminds me of driving by a Christmas tree farm and admiring all those little tree’s that are peppered throughout the property

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