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Channy Tunisian Sash


The Channy Tunisian Sash is a fun, stash-busting pattern that allows one to show off all or just their favorite enamel pins and classic pins! This tunisian crochet pattern can be made with less than 3 ounces of yarn. If you don’t think in ounces (I don’t) that translates to 140 yards of worsted weight yarn.

Also, I just have to take a moment to brag on Channy Peas Corner! Channy is the genius behind most of my collection of enamel pins, and she will be my go to shop. If you don’t know her fabulous pins, head over to her shop RIGHT NOW! And clearly, this tunisian sash is named after Channy, who also offers a Queen of Yarn Club, which offers an exclusive pin + goodies each month.


For the Channy Tunisian Sash, any worsted weight yarn can be used, or even a thinner weight yarn. After making two sashes, I used Lion Brand Yarn Jeans Color and then Premier Home Cotton. The first sash was with an acrylic yarn that is super soft and easy to work with, but curled like a super sozed curly fry. ? The second sash was made with 100% cotton, which had some curl along the start, but most of the sash laid flatter with. I would suggest using a cotton, if you don’t want to block your sash before wearing. Unfortunately, Lion Brand Yarn Jeans Colors is discontinued, but Jeans is available! Either type of yarn is ball of 246 yds for every 3.5 ounces. If you’re a fan of Jeans, then definitely grab your favorite shade or a color that coordinates with your favorite jeans and top. If you’re a fan of cotton, then Premier Home Cotton is easy to work with. Each ball of 85% cotton and 15% polyestercome in 140 yards per 2.8 ounces.

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  • Premier Yarns Home Cotton, #4 yarn (85% cotton, 15% polyester, 140 yds/ 128 m; 2.8oz/ 80 g): Capri x 1 skein or 123 yds total / 214.9 m
  • US 7.00 mm Tunisian hook or hook to meet gauge
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape


4 Tss x 4 rows: 1″x 1″ [2.5 cm x 2.5 cm]


55” long x 4” wide [139.8 cm long x 10 cm]


Ch: chain

FO: fasten off

FwP: Forward pass

Rep: repeat

RetP: return pass

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

St(s): stitch(es)

Sk: skip

Tfs: tunisian full stitch

Tslst: tunisian slip stitch

Tss: tunisian simple stitch

Tss2tog: Tunisian simple stitch 2 together

WS: wrong side

YO: yarn over


Tfs: insert hook in sp between next 2 vertical bars, YO, pull up a loop

RetP: Ch 1, *(YO, pull through 2 loops); rep from * across

Tss2tog: insert hook under next 2 vertical bars, YO, pull through both bars




  • Pattern is written in US terms.
  • Read entire pattern before beginning.
  • The width of the sash can be adjusted by creating additional increases on one side. Yarn amount does not include any adjustments to the width. 
  • The length can be adjusted by completing fewer or more rows for the perfect fit. Yarn amount does not include any adjustments to the length.
  • Always sk the first vertical bar, unless otherwise noted. 
  • Always work under both loops of the last st.
  • The tss2tog is always worked under the second to last vertical bar and both loops of the last st.

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Ch 2

Foundation Row FwP: YO, starting in 2nd ch from hook, insert hook in ch, YO, pull up a loop

Foundation Row RetP: Ch 1, [YO, pull through 2 loops] 2 times – 3 tss

Row 1: Tfs, tss in next st, tss in last st. RetP- 4 Tss 

Row 2: Tfs, tss in next 2 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 5 Tss

Row 3: Tfs, tss in next 3 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 6 Tss

Row 4: Tfs, tss in next 4 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 7 Tss

Row 5: Tfs, tss in next 5 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 8 Tss

Row 6: Tfs, tss in next 6 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 9 Tss

Row 7: Tfs, tss in next 7 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 10 Tss

Row 8: Tfs, tss in next 8 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 11 Tss

Row 9: Tfs, tss in next 9 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 12 Tss

Row 10: Tfs, tss in next 10 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 13 Tss

Row 11: Tfs, tss in next 11 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 14 Tss

Row 12: Tfs, tss in next 12 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 15 Tss

Row 13: Tfs, tss in next 13 sts, tss in last st. RetP – 16Tss

Row 14: Tfs, tss in next 13 sts,  tss2tog in last 2 sts. RetP – 16 Tss

Need help with the stitches?

Next Rows: Rep Row 14 until the sash measures 55” [139.7 cm]- 16 Tss

Last Row: Tss in next 14 sts, tss2tog in last 2 sts. RetP – 15 Tss

Bind off row: Slst in each vertical bar. Do not FO – 14 slst


  1. Fold Sash in half with WS touching to line up the ends.
  2. Remove hook from loop, insert hook through the Foundation Row and pull the loop through.
  3. Ch 1, sc across through both fabrics, FO – 15 sc 
  4. Weave in ends.
  5. Wet block,   if Sash significantly curls. 

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