A Guide to creating Crochet Garments that Fit


Grab A Guide to making Crochet Garments that Fit today, and begin your journey of curating a handmade closet.


You’ve been dreaming of making that crochet garment that has been in your favorites for way too long, but feel intimidated by where to begin. Or you hate each crochet garment you’ve made because it doesn’t fit right.

I’ve got you!

I love creating crochet garments, and love designing them too

It’s important that your crochet garment fits right after spending hours and hours over weeks or even months making each stitch by hand. You want to look and feel great wearing it, and feel confident in gifting it.

After having the idea for too long, I finally put together what I’ve learned about crocheting garments in an easy to read reference book that will put even a beginner crochet at ease and feeling confident to make that first sweater or top!

What you will learn in this ebook:

  • What to Measure
  • Before you Begin
  • Make it Fit

You also get:

  • Pages for recording your measurements (female and male)
  • Project Planning and Notes pages
  • Quick References!

Come join the fun of creating a handmade closet today!


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