Peaks Crochet Scarf


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The Peaks Scarf creates a patterns of mountain peaks from a modified front post treble stitches.

The Peaks Crochet Scarf is full of texture! Texture is created by the Split Front Treble Crochet and this particular combination is called the Prong Stitch. It’s a stitch from the 99 Crochet Post Stitches book. I had to be true to myself by changing it a little bit by adding a step to remove the gap formed by traditional post stitches.

Thanks to my friend Stacy of Handmade by Stacy there’s a great video tutorial that you can find below. If you love her way of teaching (you totally will), hit the subscribe button to not miss any new crochet and knit tutorials.

The Peaks Crochet Scarf was designed for a great cause. I learned about the opportunity to contribute to Crochet For a Cause through other collaborations this year. Although 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, it has provided an opportunity to connect with designers that live in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Scandinavia.

In case you’re new to Creations by Courtney, when I find a stitch combination that I like, I tend to make a few designs with it, but not always at the same time.

Here are two designs that use this fun textured stitch, Prong Stitch.

  1. Wrapped in Waves Bonnett + Hat
  2. Wrapped in Waves Cape

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  • Caron Simply Soft, Medium weight #4 yarn (100% Premium Acrylic; 315 yds/ 288 m; 6 oz/ 170.1 g skein)
    • Skinny: Ocean (Color A) – 1 skein or 315 yds
    • Standard: Ocean (Color A) – 1 skein, Dark Country Blue (Color B) – 69 yds/1.2 oz or a total of 384 yds/ 7.5 oz
    • Super Wide: 2 skeins or 630 yds/ 576 m; 12 oz/ 340.2 g
  • Hook US I/9 (5.5 mm) or size needed to meet gauge. I recommend Furls Odyssey
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape

15 pattern stitches = 4” [10 cm] x 12 pattern rows = 4” [10 cm], measured on the back


Skinny: 4” wide x 60” long [10 cm x 152.5 cm]

Standard: 6.5” wide x 65” long [14 cm x 165 cm]

Super wide: 10.5” wide x 80” long [26.5 cm x 200 cm]

  • beg: beginning
  • Ch: chain
  • CSDC: chainless starting double stitch 
  • dc: double crochet
  • fdc: foundation double crochet
  • fsc: foundation single crochet
  • RS: right side
  • sc: single crochet
  • sk: skip
  • Split FPtr: split front post treble crochet
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • WS: wrong side
  • YO: yarn over

CSDC: pull up a loop, holding loop in place and wrap yarn around hook (YO made), insert hook in first st, YO, pull up a loop, [YO, pull through 2 loops] twice

Split FPtr: YO twice, working in front of previous row, insert hook from front to back around post of dc indicated 2 rows below, YO, pull up a loop, [YO, pull through 2 loops on hook] twice, YO, insert hook in next st, YO, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), YO, pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook), YO twice, sk next 3 sts 2 rows below, insert hook front to back around post of next dc, YO, pull up a loop (6 loops on hook), [YO, pull through 2 loops] twice, YO, pull through 4 loops 

  • For the following Split FPtr, you will work around the next st after skipping 3 sts 2 rows below. There will always be 3 sts between the legs of each Split FPtr. 

Video Tutorial for Split Front Post Treble Crochet 



  • Pattern is written US terms
  • Read the entire pattern before beginning.
  • CSDC can be replaced with ch 3, but it may make a noticeable gap.
  • Every double crochet and split FPtr row of the body will be the RS.
  • When working a split FPtr, be sure to count the dc between the legs of the previous split FPtr.
  • Every single crochet row of the body will be the WS.
  • The width of the scarf can be adjusted by making a multiple 8+1.
  • Alternative instructions are provided for Row 1 with a starting chain rather than foundation stitches. 

Grab the ad-free PDF with 3 sizes!


For Standard Size Width

Row 1 (RS): Fdc 23, turn

Alternate Start: Ch 25

Row 1 (RS): Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each ch across, turn – 23 dc

Proceed to Row 2

Row 2 (WS): Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn –  23 dc

Note: It may help to pull the split FPtr forward to ensure that you work in the next st and not skip it. If it is skipped, there will not be enough sts to complete the row as written.

Row 3 (WS): CSDC in first st, dc in next 2 sts, Split FPtr beg around second dc 2 rows below, *dc in next 7 sts, sk next 3 dc 2 rows below, Split FPtr beg around next dc; repeat from * until 3 sts remain, dc in last 3 sts, turn – 3 Split FPtr, 20 dc

Row 4: Ch 1, sc in first st, sc in each st across, turn – 23 sc

Row 5: CSDC in first st, dc in next 6 sts, Split FPtr beg around sixth dc 2 row below, *dc in next 7 sts, sk next 3 dc 2 rows below, Split FPtr beg around next dc; repeat from * until 7 sts remain, dc in last 7 sts, turn – 2 Split FPtr, 21 dc

Row 6: Ch 1, sc in first st, sc in each st across, turn –  23 sc

Next Rows: Repeat Row 3-6 until scarf measures 51” [129.5 cm]

Next Rows: Change to Color B, repeat Row 3-6 for 14” [35.5 cm], fasten off

Note: Scarf can be made in one color.


Sew in all ends, trim excess.

Crochet for a Cause

This design is featured in Edyth Blayn’s summer long Crochet for a Cause. Each week has featured 2 patterns, a hat and a scarf. To download the Peaks Crochet Scarf for free, click the button below.

Check out the other featured patterns!

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