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Invisible Single Crochet 2 Together: Crochet Stitch Tutorial


A close up of the invisible single crochet two together stitch

Welcome to another crochet stitch tutorial by Creations by Courtney!

Let’s learn how to create the invisible single crochet 2 together that can be used in any project. Most commonly, it is used in creating amigurumi/stuffed crochet toys. It’s a simple modification of the traditional single crochet 2 together that looks smoother, therefore “invisible.”

Multiples needed for the stitch

This easy stitch doesn’t require any stitch multiple as long as you have two stitches to work.


For this tutorial, I used Knitznpurlz T-shirt yarn. It’s a super bulky (weight #7), 100% cotton yarn! I definitely recommend grabbing yourself a few cakes as the colors are amazing and there’s no knots!

Since this is a bulky weight yarn, I grabbed my size M (8.00 mm) Furls Crochet Odyssey hook. According to standard hook size charts, you can use a L/11 hook, if you’re using a bulky weight yarn too.

This stitch can be made in any weight yarn and any hook that works with that weight of yarn.


ch: chain

FL: front loop

I-sc2tog: invisible single crochet 2 together

sc: single crochet

st: stitch(es)

Let’s get started!

In this example, I created one row of 10 single crochet.
– If you want to do the same, ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and sc in each ch to end.

Turn, ch 1, sc in next 4 sts, insert hook in FL of next st

AND insert hook in FL of next st (arrow indicates the next st), YO

Pull loop through the first loop on hook (3 loops on hook)

Pull loop through the second loop on hook (2 loops on hook)

YO, pull though 2 loops on hook

One i-sc2tog made

Sc in each st to end

This is the view of the back of the row just completed. I like how it blends in with the other sc. In thinner yarns, the unworked loops may be slightly more visible, but it blends in so well, and therefore “invisible.”

That’s all there is to making the i-sc2tog that can used when making hats, garments, amigurumi, or any time you need to decrease in single crochet.

Want to give it a try?
  1. Check out the Swirl Box Project Bag to try out the i-sc2tog on Knitznpurlz’s blog.
  2. Grab some chunky t-shirt yarn from Knitznpurlz Etsy shop.

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Learn how to create the invisible single crochet 2 together, i-sc2tog. It creates less bulk than the traditional sc2tog, and is great for any project. Most often the i-sc2tog is used in amigurumi, but start using it today in any crochet project, such as hats worked in the round and shaping garments.

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