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Twin Crossroads Tunisian Crochet Square


The Twin Crossroads Tunisian Crochet Square was a happy accident! In my journey to understand mosaic tunisian crochet, I reviewed several color work technique videos, and there’s a few tricks to mosaic that I could not wrap my head around. In playing around with making a color chart in Numbers (the Mac OS version of Excel or Google Sheets), I created a beautiful pattern but couldn’t figure out how to make it work for mosaic tunisian crochet. Stranded color work became the best option to create this unique crochet square.

You may be asking, “What is stranded color work, anyways?”

Stranded color work is more commonly known in knitting, and refers to use 2 or more colors within one row or round. Some fiber artists may use the term fair isle when referring to stranded color work, as there may be floats (carrying the yarn) along the back of the fabric. After attempting to use floats, and being dissatisfied with the change in tension, I decided to “weave” in the second color on the forward pass. The beauty of tunisian crochet and color work is that it is super easy to “weave” in a secondary color. You can find a short video demonstrating this technique on YouTube.

Additionally, this tunisian crochet square was designed for Knitter Knotter’s Tunisian Blanket Mystery CAL! This is the third year that she has hosted this event, which offers a new tunisian crochet blanket square every two weeks on Wednesday from January through November. There are sooo many beautiful squares in this tunisian crochet along to create a unique afghan. More information below. ⬇️


For the Twin Crossroads Tunisian Square, I chose Furls Crochet Wander yarn from my stash in Velvet and Sunrise. Velvet is a rich, deep burgundy, and Sunrise is a vibrant coral shade that definitely reminds me of seeing a summer sunrise or sunset. Wander is 100% acrylic, worsted weight yarn that comes in 120 yards / 109 meters per 100 gram skein. At a cost of $5 per skein and 46 colors, it’s a great yarn to add to the stash. This worsted weight yarn is a bit on the thicker side when compared to other worsted weight yarns, but not a bulky weight. It has a slight sheen and softness that makes it easy to crochet. Have fun selecting your favorite two color combinations to make the Twin Crossroads Tunisian crochet Square.

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  • 14 Tss x 12 rows = 4” x 4” [10 cm x 10 cm]


  • 12” x 12” after blocking 

A: Color A

B: Color B

Ch: chain

Cnr: corner

FO: fasten off

FwP: forward pass

Prev: previous

Rem: remain(ing) 

Rep: repeat

RetP: return pass

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

St(s): stitch(es)

Sk: skip

Tss: tunisian simple stitch 

WS: wrong side

YO: yarn over


RetP: YO, pull through 1 loop (ch 1 made), *YO, pull through 2 loops; rep from * across the row 



  • Pattern is written US terms.
  • Read the entire pattern before beginning.
  • Each row of instructions includes the total number of tss completed in each color. 
  • The bind off row is not depicted in the chart.
  • The first loop on hook represents the first tss in instructions and the first box of the chart in each row.
  • The yarn (A or B) color letter proceeds how many tss will be completed in that color.
  • If multiple tss in one color are listed at the beginning of a row, that includes the first loop on the hook.
  • A chart is located at the end of the pattern.
  • The chart is read from right to left starting at Row 1 for the FwP. Each row represents the FwP and RetP.
  • In the chart, each square represents a single tss stitch, and each row represents the FwP and RetP.
  • It helps to refer to the chart to assist with the RetP color change, which can be followed from left to right. 
  • To ensure the color change follows the chart, the color used to YO and pull through 2 should be the same color as the second loop on hook that will be pulled through.
  • If not wrapping the color at each st, lock in the color not being used after 3 sts to prevent the strands from impacting tension.
  • All last sts are worked under the front and back loop of the last vertical bar.

Purchase the ad-free PDF with chart from your favorite pattern shop.


With A, ch 41

Row 1 FwP: Starting in 2nd ch from hook, pull up a loop in each st across –  41 loops

Row 1 RetP: Ch 1, *[YO, pull through 2 loops]; rep from * across – 41 tss 

Note: All RetP are completed the same as Row 1, but with the color changes.

Row 2: A2 tss(the first loop on hook here counts as the first tss here and throughout), *B 1 tss, A 1 tss; rep from * until 1 st rem, A 1 tss; RetP –  22 tss in A, 19 tss in B

Row 3: *A 1 tss, B 2 tss, [A 1 tss, B 1 tss] 2 times, [B 1 tss, A 1 tss ] 5 times, B 2 tss, A 1 tss, B 1 tss; rep from * until 4 sts rem, A 1 tss, B 2 tss, A 1 tss, RetP – 18 tss in A, 23 tss in B

Row 4: A 1 tss, B 1 tss, *[A 2 tss, B 1 tss] 2 times**, [B 1 tss, A 1 tss] 4 times, B 2 tss; rep from *  until 7 sts rem; rep from * to **, B 1 tss; RetP – 21 tss in A, 20 tss in B

Row 5: A 3 tss, *B 1 tss, A 1 tss, B 1 tss, A 2 tss, B 2 tss, [A 1 tss, B 1 tss] 3 times, B 1 tss, A 2 tss; rep from * until 6 sts rem, B 1 tss, A 1 tss, B 1 tss, A 3 tss; RetP – 23 tss in A, 18 tss in B

Want to make sure you’ve got the hang of the color changes?

Row 6: *A 2 tss, B 1 tss, A 3 tss, B 1 tss, A 2 tss**, B 2 tss, [A 1 tss, B 1 tss] 2 times, B 1 tss; rep from * , ending row at ** ; RetP – 25 tss in A, 16 tss in B

Row 7: *A 1 tss, [B 1 tss, A 2 tss] 3 times, B 2 tss, A 1 tss, B 2 tss, A 2 tss; rep from * until 8 sts rem, [B 1 tss, A 2 tss] 2 times, A 1 tss; RetP – 24 tss in A, 17 tss in B

Row 8: A3 tss, *B 3 tss, A 2 tss, B 1 tss, A 2 tss; rep from * 3 more times until 6 sts rem, B 3 tss, A 3 tss; RetP – 22 tss in A, 19 tss in B 

Row 9: A 1 tss, *[B 3 tss, A 1 tss] 2 times**,  B 1 tss, A 5 tss, B 1 tss, A 1 tss; rep from *, ending row at **; RetP – 19 tss in A, 22 tss in B

Row 10: Rep Row 8 – 22 tss in A, 19 tss in B

Row 11: Rep Row 7

Row 12:  *A 2 tss, B 1 tss, A 3 tss, B 1 tss, A 2 tss**, B 2 tss, A 3 tss, B 2 tss; rep from * , ending row at ** ; RetP – 27 tss in A, 14 tss in B

Row 13: A 3 tss, *B 1 tss, A 1 tss, B 1 tss, A 2 tss, B 3 tss, A 3 tss, B 3 tss, A 2 tss; rep from * until 6 sts rem, B 1 tss, A 1 tss, B 1 tss, A 3 tss; RetP- 23 tss in A, 18 tss in B

Row 14: A 1 tss, *[B 1 tss, A 2 tss] 2 times**, B 4 tss, A 3 tss, B 3 tss; rep from * , ending at ** and 2 sts rem, B 1 tss, A  1 tss; RetP – 20 tss in A, 21 tss in B

Row 15: A 1 tss, B 2 tss, *A 1 tss, B 1 tss, A 1 tss**, B 5 tss, A 3 tss, B 5 tss; rep from *, ending at ** and 3 sts rem, B 2 tss, A 1 tss; RetP – 14 tss in A, 27 tss in B

Row 16: A 2 tss, *[B 1 tss, A 1 tss] 2 times, B 1 tss**, A 5 tss, B 1 tss, A 5 tss; rep from * , ending at ** and 2 sts rem, A 2 tss; RetP – 30 tss in A, 11 tss in B

Row 17: A 4 tss, *B 1 tss, A15 tss; rep from * until 5 sts rem, B 1 tss, A 4 tss; RetP – 38 tss in A, 3 tss in B

Row 18: Rep Row 16

Row 19: Rep Row 15

Row 20: Rep Row 14

Row 21: Rep Row 13

Row 22: Rep Row 12

Row 23: Rep Row 7

Row 24: Rep Row 8

Row 25: Rep Row 9

Row 26: Rep Row 8

Row 27: Rep Row 7

Row 28: Rep Row 6

Row 29:  Rep Row 5

Row 30:  Rep Row 4

Row 31: Rep Row 3

Row 32: Rep Row 2

Rows 33: Rep Row 1

Bind Off:With B, ch 1, sl st in each st across. Do not FO.


Rnd 1: *Turn cnr, sl st in each st to next cnr; rep from * 2 more times, FO


  1. Weave in all ends. 
  2. Block to final size and flatten.

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It’s exciting to be the featured designed in the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022. As stated above, this is third year, and the designs are AMAZING. I love how Arunima shows the original square by each designer and her tunisian square that she is making along with everyone during the CAL. She chose a wonderful palette of WeCrochet Preciosa Tonal Worsted Weight, which has been discontinued, but I think Heatherly Worsted is a great substitute if you’re wanting a similar color palette.

If you’re just getting started on the Tunisian Blanket CAL 2022, the tunisian patterns are free on the designers’ blogs. If you prefer to not visit the previous 22 sites, you can purchase the pattern bundle for just $20. Your bundle will be updated with each new square is published. If you’re not certain about getting the bundle right now, you have until November 30th to purchase it.

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    1. Hi Michel,

      For this event, some patterns may have been a free download based upon whether a designer had a blog to host the pattern. As a make along, the pattern is free to access by visiting the designer’s site, whereas a blog hop tends to offer the free download.

      I hope that you will consider that a lot of work goes into the creation of any pattern, and that not everything can be freely offered. Everything for free would be a bad business plan, so many designers offer free access to a blog with ads to generate some revenue for the hours devoted to each original pattern.

      If you truly prefer to work from a chart, there is a coupon code listed on my Ravelry Designer’s page, so that new potential Creations by Courtney community members can try out a PDF pattern.

      Happy Stitchin’,

  1. Having a problem with row 4 of pattern and stitch count ??
    Is chart available here on blog for #knitterknottertcal?

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