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Chunky Collared Wood Button Cowl


On a chilly morning, grab the Chunky Button Collared Cowl to keep you warm as you start your day with a brisk walk, or keep your hands warm in a cold office. It is the perfect accessory for your favorite wool jacket. With a slight flare at the shoulders, you are sure to keep the cold away. Order your uniquely handmade Chunky Button Collared Cowl today! And don’t forget to grab a pair of Chunky Fingerless Gloves.


The Chunky Collared Wood Button Cowl is the perfect accessory to complement any outfit or your favorite winter coat. You no longer have to sacrifice your style expression when the coldest weather sets in.

With a large wood button, it adds dimension and practicality. The button can be shown as decoration on the cowl, or used as a button! You can close the cowl and pull it upwards to protect your face from gusting winds. Or you push down on the Chunky Collared Cowl, and drapes in a relaxed manner to create a collar on your favorite wool jacket. And lastly, if the cowl is unbuttoned and the top is rolled down, it resembles a collar!

It is super soft against your neck, and warm, so when it’s a sunny autumn afternoon, throw on your Chunky Collared Cowl with your favorite flannel shirt, bootcut jeans, and boots, to be comfortable while shopping or watching the children play at the park. With a slightly flared bottom, it covers the to of your shoulders creating a warm cocoon when worn under a coat.

Order your Chunky Button Collared Cowl today!

It pairs well with the Chunky Fingerless Gloves.

 Available Colors: Aspen Red, White, and Brown. Yellow will be offered for a limited time.

 This item is handmade with acrylic yarn.

Care: Using a sweater or lingerie bag, machine wash in cool water; machine dry.

 Size: 32.25″ bottom circumference, 14″ height


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