Crochet Boss Affirmations

Do you have a few business goals that you haven’t reached yet?

Use these three affirmations as a starting point to creating more affirmations for your business and adjusting your mindset.

Start each day upon waking with an affirmation that you say out loud followed by your priority list that will move you closer to a goal.

What’s Inside

8.5″ x 11″ Printable

Have you decorated your office or work corner with art that inspires you?

You can print 1 or all 3 to hang on the wall or place in a frame for your desk as a constant reminder that you’re capable. You will need a program that can read PDFs.

Phone Wallpaper

If you’re like many modern business owners, you probably possess a smartphone that allows you to work on marketing your amazing products and services. You might as well use an affirmation as your Lock Screen and one for your wallpaper to read every time you pick up and use your phone.

As a png file, it’s easy to save to your camera roll and select for the Lock Screen or Wallpaper.

Desktop Wallpaper

Hopefully you give your finger a break to transition to the computer for some of your business tasks. Choose a wallpaper as the background or even your screensaver.

As a png file, it’s easy to save to your camera roll and select for the Wallpaper.




Compatible with all the devices

Get your affirmations  today

Download and save all the files, and then schedule the time at least 3 times a day to read and speak your affirmations out loud.

I’m excited to hear about you achieving your crochet business goals.

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