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When you’re a creative online entrepreneur, you wear many hats to start and grow your business. It’s hard work but can be rewarding when you have a clear plan to follow and a great support network.

Because you may be busy with lots of tasks, your relationships may be neglected. Rather than suffering the consequences of poor relationships, you can work on connecting in person with those that you love and understand your passion. 

The Connection & Growth mini journal will help you get started on prioritizing offline time with others.

What’s Inside

8.5″ x 11″ Printable

The Connection & Growth mini Journal pages can be printed double-sided and bound with a front and back cover. 

A print release is included, if you prefer to print at a local store.

Getting Started

There’s a “How to use this Journal” page with a few pointers to get you started, or continue with what your progress from the Crochet Business Summit 2022.

Doing the Work

Take the time to identify individuals in a few different relational areas, as well as identifying some of your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Next, you’ll reflect on your relationship with the individuals you identified, set some intentions, and create a plan to follow.




Compatible with all the devices

Get your mini journal today!

Download, save the file, and then print. Set aside some time to begin working on the tasks. It helps to limit your distractions, and work on it consistently.

I’m excited to hear about the improved quality of relationships, and increased success in your creative business.

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I’m glad to have you here to join the CBC Community, and work together on creating a handmade closet.

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