Uniquely Handmade Crochet Designs


Lemon Peel Mittens

Lemon Peel Mittens, a crochet pattern for beginners. It's a quick one skein project.

You may already know where the Lemon Peel Mittens started… I’ve used this stitch combination in a few designs over the years, and someone asked if mittens would be available. Now they are! The Lemon Peel stitch is also the seed stitch, and similar to the grit/suzette stitch as all[…]

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X-capade Poncho

X-capade Poncho, a crochet pattern using worsted weight weight. It'll become your favorite poncho to wear no matter the weather.

The X-capade Poncho is the second pattern in the X-capade collection, and my first published poncho design. 😄 (There is another poncho that has been in time out since 2015… and actually started that adventure of the X-stitch) Back to the X-capade Poncho… It’s designed to be a one size[…]

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